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Brian Burkett

My name is Brian Burkett Thompson, Co-Owner of Eat Up LLC. Eat Up is thus far one of the greatest accomplishments of my life right now. In my younger years, I have always had jobs in the culinary profession, inspired by my father that I watched cook all my life. I always told my father growing up that cooking is not what I wanted to do, but as I got older, I realized what some of my true talents were and decided to pursue them. I came to realization that cooking is more important than just putting food in a pan, cooking it and serving it. Cooking became more of a passion to please people’s needs and desires when it comes to their taste buds. I learn that your food represents who you are, and it shows your creativity. It allows your crazy thoughts that you can’t get out by mouth but through the food you make, you are able to share it in a visible form so people can understand your thoughts along with the madness turned into art that you represent. Eat Up also gives me the space to build opportunities for people that do not have one. It allows me the opportunity to give back the way I have always wanted to; by giving people jobs, putting money in their pocket and help getting them on their feet.