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Eat Up was established on March 20, 2019 by Kristen Threatt and Brian Burkett. Two close friends of over eight years came together with an idea to cater to the people with good soul food. The name Eat Up was a perfect name for the business because it could be used for so many things. Both Brian and Kristen were not only trying to cater food, but they wanted to cater to the community with good energy. There was a desire to inspire other young people in the community to tackle their dreams and not let their environment determine who they are and who they can become. 

Brian and Kristen can remember when they came up with the name, sitting in the car talking outside of the lawyer’s office getting information on the business. 

“In discussing how it felt losing special people in our families were like someone took a bite out of our hearts. Within further conversation we kept saying we have to continue to keep pushing and eat, meaning “get money” to feed our families. We concluded the name of our business would be “Eat Up.” A name that would be solid and serve as a statement, no ifs ands or buts! Furthermore, we had to make sure the name, the logo all mirrored how we felt. We decided to take a bite out of Eat Up the logo to solidify our heartbreak. The piece of the “E” represents Kristen’s losses, which is 2003 for his Grandpa Herman Williams, 2008 for his Grandma Pearl Williams and 2018 for his Uncle Anthony Threatt. The piece taken from the “P” represents Brian’s losses, which is 2014 his Grandfather Marcus William Burkett Sr., and his father John Charles Thompson Jr.”

Both Kristen and Brian have dealt with some losses that could have made them give up, distort their perceptions of God, poison relationships with others and stunt personal development. However, they took those losses and turned them into life. Destiny, Promise, Potential, Purpose, and Humility is what drives Kristen and Brian. Eat Up is about bringing change to our community. It is about showing young men and women that they can be more than drug dealers, strippers, prostitutes, and any negative connotation that is placed on them. Instead of poisoning communities with drugs, Eat Up is blessing communities with good food. Eat Up is all about financially, emotionally, physically and spiritually empowering our people to tap into new horizons to build generational wealth. Creating jobs for people is necessary, especially during this time. COVID-19 has affected so many. Eat Up is nothing without the people, so giving back to the people is always first priority. Their motto is “Starve or Eat Up!”

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