Who We Are

Eat Up Catering started with a mission in 2019, and this mission was to make high quality, delicious food and also change our community for the better. Rooted in New Haven, CT,  we cater for all types of events and occasions. We are proud to co-run the Eat Up Foundation, which hosts community-based charity events with the goal of feeding those in need. Read on to learn more about Eat Up.

In the News

Ward, director of Family and Children Services with the anti-violence group Ice the Beef, teamed up with the Eat Up Foundation for the Give Back event Saturday, a two-part affair that started with a Chili Cookoff the previous week at the Omni Hotel.

Proceeds from the Cookoff, which tallied over $4,000, paid for the hot meals and the care bags, which volunteers were distributing at the event headquarters at the People's Center on Howe Street.

In all, Eat Up gave away over 200 plates of food and over 100 hygiene packages this weekend, according to Threatt.

In the News

The Cookoff was the brainchild of Brian Burkett Thompson and Kristen Threatt, founders of Eat Up Catering and the Eat Up Foundation.

The two created Eat Up Catering in March 2019. Its mission: to cultivate Burkett-Thompson's cooking chops and Threatt's business smarts to change communities for the better. Its tagline: "community over competition."

Then they started to see success. Hilton Hotel in Charlotte, N.C., came calling. The two signed on to provide catering services. But they stayed in New Haven.

"Our vision is here," said Threatt, as groups of twos and threes crossed into the event space. "This is where we can make a difference. The contract with Hilton allows us to do what we want to do here."