Eat Up Catering was started in March of 2019 with the mission to make high quality, delicious food and ultimately change communities for the better. Based in New Haven, CT,  Eat Up caters events of all types, specializing in Italian-inspired soul food.

Working in hand with the president of the anti-violence group, Ice the Beef, Eat Up Catering began their mission to bring restaurants, businesses, and people together. They now run the Eat Up Foundation, which aims to carry out community-based charity events and feeding those in need.


Eat Up Foundation

Part of our mission to to give back to our community and feeding and supporting those in need. That's why we began the Eat Up Foundation.


Visit Us

New Haven

32 Greenwood St.
New Haven, CT 06519

(203) 671-6954


Monday - Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm